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The ducal chapel

cappella ducale

On the first floor, next to the grandiose stairway, you may find the ducal chapel, also known as Caramosino’s, after the name of its presumed builder. The chapel was not included in Vignola’s project, since the architect had thought about smaller and more modest oratories and places of worship.
The design of this chapel is not to be attributed to Bernardino Panizzari, also known as Caramosino, but to Lattanzio Papio, approximately in the years 1597-1601.

Octagonal in shape, with double volume dimensions magnifying the final effect, the place is characterised by the succession of flat and concave surfaces. During the half of the 17th century official or private ceremonies were celebrated here. It is an elegant and sophisticated place, majestic and austere in its lines, hidden and protected by the imposing structure of the Palace.



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